2 Weeks of Dieting!

So after going back to St. Louis for the Christmas break and packing on some holiday weight, I started off the new year in an amazing little Cantina in the heart of Hollywood, surrounded by professionally made Star Wars costumes and singing throwbacks at the tops of our lungs. Absolutely enjoyed some drinks, amazing company and new friends. The next morning I went full bore on some brunch, followed by snacks all day and a full Dominoes’ Pizza and cinnies to finish the day, and maybe some extra Halo Top, but who’s keeping track. All of this before starting back on my plan come the 2nd. I’ve done several cut and bulk cycles over the past few years, anywhere from a quick 6 week low carb diet to a 18 week slow and steady cut, removing carbs every two weeks until I was in full blown Keto. My last phase of dieting completely cut out the social aspects of life, everything planned out to the minute and exact ounce of food. 7 meals a day, all regimented and cooked days beforehand. No seasonings or flavors were added, life was about becoming a machine, everything revolved around consistency and timing. This time was different. I have been fortunate enough to become close to someone who is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable on the subject of all things nutrition and human performance. Against my previous biases and pride on eating like a robot, and some persuasion and reassurance, I opened my eyes to a whole new world of nutrition that I had previously not experienced.

You see, throughout my life I have been labeled as a classic “yo-yo” dieter. Continually lowering and depleting the system over weeks, with the occasional binge on a greasy burger or pizza to amplify and restore some sort of energy and metabolism. I was able to get super lean, however energy levels were extremely low and I had cardio-ed myself to exhaustion. Holding onto that super lean physique was difficult with no added carb days or rests. This would result in my cheat meal turning into a cheat day, which over the course of a few weeks became cheat weekend. The endless supply of energy felt so great to my body that eating unhealthily actually felt great, and it would become the norm until I felt as though it was time to start the cycle again. There was no such thing as not emptying a full package of Oreos at night. Now I have Oreos in the cabinet and am not even tempted.

So what’s changed? Through some faith and trust, as well as first hand accounts of what can be accomplished, I have found my stride. Mentally, the first few days were difficult, I felt as though I kept wanting to add protein even though I was receiving a sufficient amount. Towards the end of the week I got a bit hangry(hunger anger) but now realize that I was still adapting. I had a high carb day midweek as well as a modified cheat meal Sunday(which you saw on Youtube). Nearing the end of my second full week on the plan, with a high carb day Wednesday, I am confident and thrilled to continue the process!

From December 31st to January 7th I lost 15 pounds, probably a lot of salt and water, but still a solid amount. I have yet to weigh in this week but I am showing abs and obliques again. I’ve done cardio 5 mornings a week, lift 6 days and one full rest day. I’ve been eating Kodiak Cakes waffles and pancakes everyday, and even Halo Top Ice Cream twice a week. My habits have changed while still progressing and have yet to get hungry this week.

All in all I’ve learned to enjoy food again, waffles, guacamole, turkey tacos, with seasoning! Yogurt and even coffee creamer. So not only do I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new or different to past experiences, but to also know that “dieting” doesn’t have to be treacherous. You can still progress and lose fat and go to social gatherings guilt free. Nutrition is about proper balance, never starving and never full. Just trust in the process and the results will come! A special thanks to @galfranie for sparking my newfound belief in not dieting like a savage, as well as tailoring a plan that is already proven successful!