Change! Embrace it for Success!

This is a guest post by Psychology Doctoral Candidate @GalFrankie


There are 5 stages to the process of change. Everyone progresses through the stages at a different pace, in their own time. However in order to successfully modify a behavior or make a change, there are certain steps that must be taken to move through the stages successfully.
While the idea of jumping head-first into making a change might seem appealing, because you're in a rush to get started and see results, only about 20% of the human population is prepared to actively and successfully make a change at any given time. Obviously, that's a pretty low success rate! (And supported by additional research that indicates that over 80% of all New Year's resolutions ultimately fail.) 

Therefore, engaging in a behavioral change without creating the foundation to facilitate the change probably isn't in your best interest! 

Stage 1 - Precontemplation 

This is where EVERYONE begins the process of change. This state occurs (as the name suggests) BEFORE you even start considering making a change. It simply describes your current state of being (homeostasis). 
Typically our bodies, minds, and hearts are constantly working to maintain homeostasis, because familiarity can be dealt with more easily than new and different challenges. Disrupting that balance is really difficult, even when it's something that's good for you; eating more healthily, ending a bad relationship, working out more, freeing yourself from an addiction, etc. 

So just work on being mindful about your current life, as is! 

If this is you (or if you got ahead of yourself ), stay tuned for the next stage!!